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I can't stand my boss!

I can't stand my boss!

10 tips to survive your first job

So, you’ve started your first job and you can’t stand your boss. Not a very encouraging introduction to the working world, is it? I would bet the problem is that you don’t like the way your boss treats you. There are two possible reasons why you’re being treated poorly: your boss is simply a jerk, or you are transmitting a poor attitude that your boss is reflecting right back to you.

Regardless of which one is the problem, you cannot control your boss’ behavior. The only thing you can control is your own attitude. A good attitude and a strong work ethic go a long way toward helping you take a more positive approach to your job. A bonus is that it can also improve the relationship with your boss.

Here are 10 suggestions for building a good work ethic and a positive attitude; they’ll reap big rewards for a small investment:

1  If possible, select a job you think you’ll enjoy. You’ll perform better when you like what you do.

2  Be at work a few minutes early each day.

3  Don’t watch the clock; stay a few minutes longer if necessary to make sure your work is done.

4  If you’re going to be late, call ahead and apologize.

5  Respond enthusiastically when asked to do something.

6  If you have spare time, look for things you can do before being asked.

7  Be up front about scheduling conflicts. Most employers of high-school students are flexible, as long as you share your personal schedule with them ahead of time.

8  Interact with customers with a smile.

9  Have fun with your co-workers while getting the job done.

10 None of us are perfect; take criticism humbly and make a noticeable effort to improve.

Bottom line – take on a spirit of service in whatever you do. It’s those simple things we do for others that make their day better, and help us feel better about ourselves. Mother Teresa taught us that the secret to finding peace is to focus first on serving others. By following this advice, your first job and all the jobs to follow will be much more rewarding.