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I leave with a heart full of love

Back when FAITH was conceived, the vision I shared was to publish a magazine that presented God’s Word made flesh in icons that were incarnational. It is God in Jesus Christ who is at work among us. It is God who is present in our ordinary humanity. There He engages us, loves us, acts upon us, and awaits our response to His loving invitation to share His life with us.

FAITH’s mission never was to simply present information, data, news, doctrinal dissertations or controversial arguments. FAITH’s mission was, and still is, to present the story of God’s coming to us and our response to His presence in human accounts – through a person’s own words or by highlighting the lives of ordinary folks.

Recently FAITH Magazine contracted with Publishers Information Center, a national company that evaluates publications with respect to their mission and purpose and their readership’s response to their strategies. Their report informed us that we had achieved great success in our endeavor.

With that accomplished, now it is time for me to turn over the ship to a new captain. One such as myself, namely a founding editor, should do the “founding” and then step aside so that another – someone with new energy and purposefulness – can steer the ship out into the high seas.

Fr. Dwight Ezop comes with all of the right kind of talent, ability, vision and knowledge. He has his compass, sextant, charts, North Star, global navigation system, and the mission that was first given to me by Bishop Carl F. Mengeling. Bishop Mengeling is a shepherd who has faith-filled courage, steady nerves, enthusiasm, and zeal for the New Evangelization, to which Pope John Paul II has called us in order to influence our world’s “postmodern” culture.

There is a formal ceremony in the Navy when an old captain turns over his command to a new captain. All hands are called on deck, music is played, prayers are said, pipes are piped, salutes are exchanged, and the Old Man steps out on the gangplank where he salutes the flag and then gradually disappears as he descends down from his ship deck.

So, Fr. Dwight, I salute you. “She’s all yours, now.” I must now head toward retirement, maybe write a book or an occasional feature article, and hopefully do some more traveling. I leave with a heart full of love, gladness, and wonderful memories, along with firm confidence that you will steer FAITH just where God wants it to sail … with full canvas catching heaven’s winds.

May God bless you, the wonderful staff we have, Bishop Mengeling, Bishop Kenneth Povish, and all who have devoted themselves to launching this ship, outfitting it, and who then let me “take the con” and sail her out on her maiden voyage. It has been quite a trip!

The beginning has now ended. I have been singularly blessed and privileged. May it now always be for the greater glory of God!