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Wow! What a Woman

October is a month that is especially dedicated to the Blessed Mother. In honoring her, we also honor all women. Mary is “woman” come to perfection. I think of all the wonderful women God has placed in my life—beginning with my mother and grandmothers. They were matriarchs. They were strong in faith, unafraid to accept the pain and hardships that came their way. They were women of virtue and strong character. They were women of love.

All of these virtues are found in the Blessed Mother. She was full of grace—full of God’s perfection in such a way that brought out the full beauty of what it means to be a woman. Her faithful love teaches us all how we can love Jesus, and put God first in our lives.

Mary held nothing back from God. “Let it be don unto me according to your word.” Her openness allowed God to become man within her. When Jesus was born, Mary loved Him with all her heart. She would be Jesus’ first teacher. Mary loved Jesus with a steadfast and faithful love as the mother of sorrows during His rejection and murder on the cross. She stood at the foot of the cross and would not leave Him. Now she stands with us as our mother during our trials.

Mary had great spiritual strength. All the virtues and fruits of God’s Spirit were alive and at work in her. I would like to offer a prayer asking Mary for her intercession for us, and especially all women, as we continue our journey into the new millennium.